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Admitting RN remains the same throughout the patient’s entire Home Health experience.


We are able to offer the same names and faces for our patients and partners due to maintaining our original team since our foundation in 2010.


Experienced RN’s who average 15 years specializing in 1-on-1 Home Health visits.

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Upon request, one of our experienced registered nurses will evaluate any patient for home health eligibility free of charge. The evaluation is done at the patient’s home or at any health care facility where the patient is located. Our nurses use Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS)* for evaluation of all patients regardless of the patient’s payer source or insurance plan. We guarantee to conduct an assessment to any patient inside our service area within 48 hours. The patient assessment may include:

• Home or environment safety

• Patient mobility and independence

• Patient diagnosis, disease, and medication profile

• Any other criteria related to patient care and as specified by the referring healthcare professional

Plan of Care

Our Agency will utilize data information gathered during client assessment in the care planning process which identifies and treats actual or potential health problems and promotes wellness.

Coordination of Care

Clients with chronic illnesses often need care from numerous doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals in multiple settings of care. They transition between hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ offices and home in order to obtain the services they need. Our staff will assist with the safe transition and will support quality of care improvement for clients who transition between care settings through a concerted effort. Coordination of care is key to reducing risk and fostering optimal outcomes.


Done to compare the clients status to baseline data previously obtained.

Discharge Planning

Discharge Planning is a multidisciplinary process that seeks to provide continuity of care that will enable the client to become as independent as possible. The client is assisted to develop a plan of care for ongoing maintenance and improvement of healthcare.


Physicians, • Registered Nurses, • Physical Therapists, • Occupational Therapists, • Speech Pathologists, • Medical Social Workers, and • Home Health Aids.


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